Let's make you & your project look less awkward 

I’m a movement director, performer, choreographer and dance enthusiast who is really, really good at making you look good.

In 2016 I got sick of hearing friends lament over how much they wished they could dance but were too old, curvy, uncoordinated or intimidated to step foot in a studio.


So I started a dance class for people who think they can’t dance. I dimmed the lights, banned mirrors and called it Groove Therapy.

That has now grown into an award-winning sell out series of weekly classes across Melbourne and Sydney.

In fact it’s been such a hit worldwide that it is now also a global online dance course platform.

Then I went on to write a dance program for people with dementia using research around music, memory and movement and that made me realise the world is more beautiful when you try contribute to it in a way that’s bigger than yourself.

This sparked the idea of a Robin Hood-esque income model in which I'd fund my lifestyle through commercial projects and nourish my life ethos by sinking time into community-centric pursuits.

Through Groove Therapy, I’ve turned the heads of some of the biggest global brands and harnessed my 10+ years of experience as a dance teacher (and 26 years as a dancer) to teach celebrities, models, corporate suits, people with dementia, people with disabilities, new migrants, pregnant people, lonely people, musicians who never know what to do with their hands, disenchanted youth, dudes who think dance is for non-dudes and everyone else in between.

My secret has nothing to do with dance itself and everything to do with my belief in the power of human connection.

Let’s get comfortable together first, then we can start moving.


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